What exactly is a singing telegram?

A singing telegram is more than just a person showing up and singing a song. It's a professional actor doing a ten to fifteen minute comedy skit as the character of your choice. We are able to make them as unique and personalized as you want by singing and presenting them with their very own personalized song written especially for the recipient.

Our most popular acts include sending a gorgeous singing cop (male or female), celebrity impersonators such as Elvis, Marilyn Munroe, Rod Stewart, Tom Cruise, Madonna and many more. We also send belly dancer telegrams, animal-grams, clown-grams etc. We are always imaginative are even able to cater for some of the craziest requests!

Where can you do a singing telegram?

Just about anywhere! We go to homes, offices, schools, and restaurants. It’s a good idea to call and make sure it’s okay with the boss, the principal, or the management. We use no bad language, but it can get a little noisy with all the laughter and applause! It is also a good idea to have a contact person at the location who knows we are coming but can keep it a surprise for the recipient.

Do you do corporate events and slighter longer shows?

Yes, we specialize in corporate parties and most of our customers use our services regularly. We provide entertainment for xmas parties, summer parties, leaving parties, conferences and special promotions. Some of our repeating customers include Bell Canada, BMW, Lincoln cars, Exel Transportation, TD Canada, Western Harbor Castle, Petrol Canada, EMI Music, Royal Ontario Museum etc. Our performances last anything from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Can you arrange entertainment for large gatherings?

Yes, we can host male revues, comedy acts, belly dancers, jazz musicians, blues acts, Rock & Roll acts, & more! They all make great entertainment for large crowds, for corporate as well as larger private parties. We also offer Party Buses, Hypnotists, burlesque dancers, Salsa and Latin-amercian dancers, Thai dancers, Bollywood dancers DJs. You name it we got it!

What other types of entertainers do you have to offer?

We have characters for children’s parties, such as Barnie, Cinderella, Princesses, Clowns and many more which will add that extra sparkle to your kid’s party. Call us on 416-465-1500 for a list of entertainers that we have to offer.

Do your entertainers bring their own equipment to perform?

Yes, all our performers are full equipped and will bring everything that they require for their show, whether it is a stereo system or a karaoke machine. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

Should I call to confirm my reservation?

Once your order is entered into the computer you are all set. Placing an order takes just a few minutes and one of our booking agents will talk you through your booking and provide you with as much information you need. On the day of the show, one of our agents will call you to double confirm and go over the details once more.

What guarantee do I have that the person will show up?

We use only professional actors, clowns, singers, musicians, etc. We screen our talent carefully. They will show up and do a wonderful job. Every once in a while a car will break down, or someone will break a leg the day of the show. There are always situations that are beyond our control, but the performer will call you.

How much notice is needed?

As much as you can give us! We do provide same day service but advanced reservations are appreciated. (Less grey hair for the office staff!)

How does Tipping Work?

We are a service organization and your satisfaction is our priority. If you feel your performer has done an exceptional job, you may offer a gratuity at your discretion. We also appreciate any feedback you might have concerning our performer and his or her performance.

Do you do any package deals where we can order two or more entertainers?

We sure do. Give us a call during our office hours and the agent will talk you through all the packages and promotions that are going on, whether it is a casino night, or multiple entertainers for a single event. We also offer special reduced rates on limo rentals when you book entertainment with us.

How far in advance do I need to book my favourite act?

The earlier you contact us, the better we can serve you. We prefer a notice of 2-4 weeks, especially during our busy seasons but we will make every effort to accommodate "last minute" requests.

How do I know I am getting quality entertainment?

We guarantee it! We are the number 1 entertainment company in Toronto and strive on repeating customers. Our reputation is our greatest asset.

How far will your entertainers travel?

Our entertainers regularly travel outside of Toronto and the GTA. Call us for a quote for your particular location.