Singing Telegrams

You name the tune, and we do the rest! Choose from one of our costumed characters or celebrity look-alikes to deliver balloons, flowers, chocolates…You name it, we can do it! Our singing telegrams are a special and memorable way to deliver that special birthday greeting, holiday or anniversary greeting to your loved ones, wherever they may be! We deliver to offices, schools, colleges, homes, private parties, hotels and many more places! So why not surprise your loved one or friend with their favourite character or celebrity artist turning up at their doorstep making it a day that they’ll never forget.

Our singing telegram can include:

  • A customized song written and sung for the victim
  • Free balloons
  • A free gift
  • 2 – 3 other special songs

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    Belly Dancer

    Austin Powers

    Female Cop

    French Maid


    Male Cop



    We also have Elvis, Marilyn, Madonna, Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Taylor, Feddex delivery guys, Pizza men, Bag ladies and MORE!

    The Story of Singing Telegrams:

    It all started when when a fan sent Holly singing star Rudy Vallee ​a birthday greeting by telegram in 1933. Western Union public relations director, ​George P. Oslin​ , asked the operator to sing the the message over the phone. Oslin was tired of the conventional ideas associated with telegrams such as death and tragic news, so he decided to freshen it up and make it more fun. Telegrams were often delivered through the phone and later advanced to be performed and sung in person. By 1974, Western Union​ eliminated its service, but independant singing telegram companies kept up the tradition and adopted to new concepts and a wide range of imporsonators. It may be easier to write a card, send an email or a facebook post nowadays, but nothing feels more personal and caring than a “Happy Birthday” sung by a ​ Marilyn Monroe​ look-alike. It’s a tradition that is certainly effective but very overlooked with the convenience of social media and email greetings. What’s amazing about singing telegrams is that the tradition was so popular that entertainment companies started specializing in this method of greeting and adopted different occasions to perform at, celebrity look-alikes and songs to sing. Some Toronto singing telegram companies even offer a customized greeting that their clients can compose and write lyrics to with the choice of their celebrity or iconic figure.
    The most popular impersonators are:
    • Elvis Presley
    • Gorilla
    • Marilyn Monroe
    • Naughty Nurses
    • Singing Princess

    The most popular songs:
    • Always on my mind
    • Heartbreak Hotel
    • Happy Birthday Mr. President
    • Believe

    Toronto Entertainment Company that specializes in a variety of entertainment services says that most of its clients go for singing telegrams that offer laughs, fun, embarrassment and applause. They also like to take it up a few levels by offering:
    • Customized song written and song
    • Free Balloons
    • Free Gifts
    • More Special Songs

    Singing Telegrams services can vary between $170 - $200, not including tip and travel expenses. If you have a special occasion in mind coming up soon and don’t know what to get the person or unsure what type of greeting you want, then singing telegrams are something you should think about. There’s two simple steps, pick an impersonator or telegram icon, and then select a song or customize one.

    This type of greeting might seem a little over the top, but they are worth it. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime quirky, funny and thoughtful gesture. You’ll top other people’s presents and conventional card ideas with a live singing telegram rather than a paper card that at times sounds boring or uncreative. Things you should keep in mind is that the type of person receiving such gesture. Do they have any tolerance level for anything cheesy or sentimental? The reception will vary with each person. This will also help you narrow down what type of impersonation and song you are choosing. Toronto singing telegrams at Toronto Entertainment is made easy with professionals who will ask you many questions to help you narrow down a concept.

    Say you are sending a singing telegram to your colleague at work that is having a baby. The company will give you plenty of options, offering entertainers dressed up as a naughty nurse, baby, or doctor. The company will also cater the impersonators performance to suit the recipient and gather lots of facts about your colleague.

    The entertainer can also deliver more than just a song, they can say some jokes, throw confetti and give a little dance (belly dancing performer). The nurse can then give the recipient a mock check-up and recommend that the recipient get revenge on their colleagues as a joke. Nurses costume can vary between sexy to conservative. You can even surprise your husband and soon to-be father a telegram to let him know that you’re going to be having a baby together!

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