Celebrity Impersonators

Would you ever believe Marilyn Monroe could sing at your birthday party? Elvis Presley could perform at your awards dinner? The Rat Pack could mingle at your convention? Well they most certainly can when you book the best Celebrity Impersonators in Toronto for your event! Everyone gets excited and enjoys having fun with the celebs we love most. Our celebrity impersonators are always in full character including voice, dress and demeanor. They also give authentic impressions that are impressive and entertaining.

There are many top entertainers to choose from in our list of Toronto Celebrity Impersonators. Have a “shagadelic” retro party with Austin Powers. Vogue with Madonna. Get All Shook Up with Elvis. Listen to Frank Sinatra croon.

Here are some of our celebrity impersonators. Please call us and ask if we have your favourite star available.

Austin Powers

Avril Lavigne

Bob Dylan


Celine Dion


Christina Aguillera

Dolly Parton

Elizabeth Taylor



Frank Sinatra

John Lennon


Mae West

Marilyn Manroe

Pamela Anderson

Rod Stewart

Shania Twain

Tina Turner

Rock out with Avril, Rod Stewart, or Tina Turner. Get a little sultry with Marilyn Monroe or Mae West. There is always the perfect Toronto Celebrity Impersonator for your event.

Everyone loves a star, and paying tribute to your favourite stars is just a phone call away. And don’t forget to tell your guests to have their cameras ready so they won’t miss a single photo opportunity with celebrity impersonators at your event!

Our impersonators are the best in Toronto, whatever your occasion. So whether you are booking a celebrity for a singing telegram or a large Corporate event, you have come to the right place! No occasion is too large or too small.

Toronto Impersonator – AUSTIN POWERS – Known for his psychedelic 60’s style, this character will add “mojo” to any event while enticing the crowd to participate along. He makes a great MC for your awards night or gala dinner fitting into a host of themes or eras. Our Austin Powers Impersonator has captured the essence of Austin. Just like the character, his show is timeless!

Toronto Impersonator - AVRIL LAVIGNE – Get the party started with one of Canada’s most popular rock & roll stars. Our Avril impersonator is available for birthday parties, weddings, events etc. Whatever the occasion, she’s ready to rock out!

Toronto Impersonator - BOB DYLAN – Our impersonator will put on a fantastic show including songs of Dylan about love, the environment, politics, and other social concerns from the 1960’s to today. “May your heart always be joyful. May your song always be sung.” ― Bob Dylan

Toronto Impersonator - BRITNEY SPEARS – Everyone loves this pop princess impersonation act. With all the songs and moves you’d expect to see on her world tour, your guests will be begging “Hit Me Baby One More Time” to our Britney look alike.

Toronto Impersonator - CELINE DION – Celine is one of Canada’s greatest singers of all time. One look at our celebrity impersonator and you’ll truly believe it is the real Celine. Her stage presence, her energy, and talent will leave you and your guests speechless.

Toronto Impersonator - CHER – From the big hair to the glitzy costumes, this Cher look \alike will dazzle your guests with songs from the old Sonny and Cher days as well as her more current hits. A big personality who makes a great MC for your special event.

Toronto Impersonator - CHRISTINA AGUILERA – Have the look alike of one of the greatest singers on earth perform at your event. Her music reflects that of female empowerment and encourages everyone to be proud of who they are. She is a favourite of both men and women and is an exciting MC for any event.

Toronto Impersonator - DOLLY PARTON – Watch as our impersonator embodies Dolly's fantastic character & personality along with a hilarious comic flare. If you love Dolly, you'll love our look-a-like’s gifted impression of this lovable Country Legend.

Toronto Impersonator – ELIZABETH TAYLOR – Everyone loves Liz! Our Liz look-a-like will as style and elegance as well as a comedic touch to any event.

Toronto Impersonator – ELVIRA – The only screams you’ll be hearing are those of laughter! Our Elvira look-a-like is the perfect hostess or entertainment for events of all ages. Your guests will be howling for more!

Toronto Impersonator – ELVIS – Your guests will be “All Shook Up” when they see the distinct similarities of our look-a-like Elvis. Enjoy an evening of song and laughter, where no one will leave feeling “Lonesome Tonight”. Toronto Impersonator – FRANK SINATRA – Our Sinatra look-a-like is a favourite with everyone from “bobby soxers” to today’s generation. Take a trip down memory lane with one of America’s most popular crooner impersonator. Perfect as an MC or musical and comedic entertainment.

Toronto Impersonator – JOHN LENNON – Our celebrity look-a-like has the ability to impersonate John Lennon in all dimensions of voice, looks, personality, and actions. He moves those who have had the pleasure of experiencing his performances.

Toronto Impersonator – MADONNA – If there’s one thing our celebrity look-a-like takes to heart is why it’s important to “Express Yourself”. She embraces everything Madonna stands for and truly gives a star performance worthy of the Material Girl herself.

Toronto Impersonator – MAE WEST – One of Hollywood’s first sex symbols known for her bawdy double entendres. Our look-a-like will add humor and style to any event.

Toronto Impersonator - MARILYN MONROE – Liven up any event with our fun and flirty Marilyn Monroe look-a-like. She will bring song, dance, and humor mixed with a little sex appeal to the stage suitable for all ages to enjoy!

Toronto Impersonator – PAMELA ANDERSON – Get your camera’s ready for one of Canada’s most gorgeous bombshell look-a-likes of all time. Great for MC performances.

Toronto Impersonator – ROD STEWART – If you think he’s sexy, you’ll really love our look-a-like Rod! Great for MC, song, dance, and comedic performances.

Toronto Impersonator – SHANIA TWAIN – Everyone adores our look-a-like Canadian Country Pop Star. She’s sassy, sexy and in control just like the real thing. Let our look-a-like “wow” your guests with song and dance, as well as MC.

Toronto Impersonator – TINA TURNER – No one gets the party going like The Queen of Rock n’ Roll! Our impersonator exhilarates the crowd by oozing sexy fun. Great on stage performance as well as MC.

They are available for all the following types of events:

  • Singing Telegrams
  • Fairs
  • Parades
  • Birthday Parties
  • Corporate events
  • Theme events
  • Fund raisers
  • Grand Openings
  • Award Banquets
  • Private parties
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